22 + Tiny House Cabin in The Wood

When heard about a cabin house our mind will fly to the small house in the woods. Usually, people only use the cabin when going for a hunt. But nowadays, a small cabin in the woods becomes popular as a gateway. And even, many resort and cottage use cabin compound concept for their place. For that, below are some designs of tiny house cabin in the woods that might inspire you:

  1. Log Cabin

For a tiny house cabin in the woods, a log cabin should be in the top design list. It’s the most classic design, and until now it’s still popular. A small log cabin will be a perfect place for a gateway from the city life. Moreover, if you want to try to live there without electricity for a few days, it may become the salvation you need.

  1. Treehouse Cabin

The treehouse design is perfect if you have a woody backyard. That way, it can be another playing place for your children. Another option, some people willing to go into the deep of forest and build a functional treehouse there. Thus, it will not stop as a treehouse, but a livable cabin for you to live.

  1. Timber Cabin

The timber cabin is slightly more modern than the log cabin. The difference between the two designs is in how using the wooden material to build the house. While the log cabin uses the whole log cut, a timber cabin the log has been cut. Also, if the cabin log will have the rustic vibe, a small timber cabin house will look more polished.

  1. Shipping Container Cabin

If you don’t wish to build a tiny house cabin in the woods from scratch, you can try to utilize a shipping container. You can conjure the container as a living space in the form of a cabin. The concept is as same as in the trailer house. But the problem lies on how to take this container into the wood. It will be good if there’s a large opening, but if not it’s better just to build.

  1. Barn Style Cabin

If you happened to have a hand in an unused barn, then you can try to it as a cabin house. That way, your cabin will have a unique character like no other. And if you put some barn decoration detail, you might forget that you’re deep in the wood instead of a farm.

  1. Tipi Style Cabin

The tipi cabin house adopted the tipi tent form the Indigoes people. It’s another popular design for a cabin in the woods. But instead of using the animal skin, you can use another material like woods. And to make use of all the space, you can make the cabin with two levels, with the upper as the bedroom.

  1. Lake House Cabin

The last perfect design for a tiny house cabin in the woods is the lake house. Of course, to have this, you need body water. It’s not literally you need a lake, but you can also build it by a pond between the trees. For addition, you can also add a water wheel. So, you can have some shooting background music in your cabin.

The list above is some perfect designs for your tiny house cabin in the woods. And one thing to remember when building a cabin house in the woods is about sustainability. If you can, you have to prevent purposely clear the woods just so you can make a cabin. Because it will work for your future if you create the cabin while adjusting to nature.