+24 Ideas to Travel trailer organization rv living storage solutions

There are two types of people who are living in an RV. One, they’re brave enough to (temporary) be a nomad and travel the places. And two, they don’t have the luxury to build a house. The first one is by choice, while the second one is because of the condition. Both aren’t wrong, and they have the right to make their living space comfy. For that here some smart trailer ideas RV living & RV organization:

  1. Install Shelf in the Cabinet

No one will argue that the cabinet is the ultimate way to organize in an RV. Thus, the first smart trailer ideas RV living & RV organization is optimizing the cabinet usage. And for this optimization, you can install shelf in the cabinet. Just for a recommendation, you can use the lightweight shelf for this. That way you can store more items accordingly.

  1. Vertical Storage for Flat Items

Storing flat items like cutting board and tray can be a nuisance because they can take too much space. The best solution to answer this problem is vertical storage. To do that, you can make use of the file holder or install some rods for a makeshift holder.

  1. Maximize the Blind Spots

You can exploit the maximum an RV trailer storage organizing by using the blind spots. For example, you can put some paper plate or paper towel dispenser under the cabinet. Then you can also make DIY pull-out drawers under the table for small things such as remote or lighter. And there’s some space left inside the door of the cupboard for another store, or even to put a trash bin.

  1. Square Shaped Jar Container

You have to remember that an RV trailer only has limited space. So, the next smart trailer ideas RV living & RV organization is by utilizing the square shaped jar container. The reason is that the square shaped jar will be easier to organize rather than the other shaped container.

  1. Spices Bottles Drawer

Spices bottles are important part for your kitchen, even if you’re living in an RV. But a container only can do that much in storing your spices. That way, you need a drawer for this, which you can buy in any home equipment stores. But if you feel creative, you can DIY your own spice bottles drawer.

  1. Hanging Shelf for Your Closet

Another problem while living in an RV is about organizing your closet. Because of the available space may be smaller than what you need. For that, you can try to put a hanging shelf in the closet. Thus, you can store more folded clothes.

  1. Hanging Caddy for Mini Book Holder

If you love to read a book, then this last smart trailer ideas RV living & RV organization is suitable for you. Put a hanging caddy on the bedside or by the chair or seating. Beside the book, you can also use this to organize magazines, maps, or the likes.

Without the smart trailer ideas RV living & RV organization, you might face a disaster. Because usually, living in an RV means too many stuff that will not fit the small space of the trailer. Use the list above to brighten your RV living days. And maybe you can come up with some brighter ideas to make an RV living easier.