+28 To consider For Backyard garden ideas landscaping small spaces outdoor living

Having a backyard garden is always inviting, even if it’s only a small space. A picture of green outside the window is calming and can make you relax. Also, if you add some furniture out there, you can have additional space to hang out. But on the other hand, having a garden means another task, moreover if you put on grass for your garden. That’s why here’s a list of low maintenance backyard garden ideas landscaping space outdoor living:

  1. Put Mulch between the Plants

Compared to grass, put in mulch around the plants in your backyard garden is a smarter move. While having grass means time and energy to man it, mulch is more independent. Because it will automatically fertilize the plants when its break down. At the same time, it will keep grass at bay. That’s why mulch is a low maintenance backyard garden ideas landscaping small space outdoor living you can try.

  1. Lay down a Solid Foundation

The backyard garden is equal to more space to hang out, which means additional room even if it’s small. It’s a smart move to lay a solid foundation in your back. You can use concrete, stone, or even brick for this endeavor. Then, you can put some outdoor furniture in there. Also, laying foundation for the outdoor space freed you from mowing grass in the future.

  1. Use Potted Plants

The potted plant is the ultimate low maintenance backyard garden ideas landscaping small spaces outdoor living. It works with any small space, and you even can get creative with the placing like using some racks for vertical storage. And also, the advantage of utilizing pots is that you can have more than one plant in your small backyard space.


  1. Plant Lavender

By planting lavender, you can add color right across the window. Aside from that, lavender is a low maintenance plant. It’s only once or twice a week watering, and if it’s the rainy season, count yourself free from the task. Another bonus point, this flower has a relaxing smell, you don’t need any aromatherapy.

  1. Make a Bed of Stones

Another choice is by making a bed of small stones. It can prevent you from mowing the grass every other week. For this, you can make use of any kind of small stones, like pebbles, crushed stones, or even the landscaping stones. Not to mention, you don’t need to worry about the running water when raining, because stones will channel the water right into the ground.

  1. Built-in Barbeque Place

An additional idea for your backyard space is to build a barbeque place. That way, you will have another place to enjoy dining with family and friends. And if you build the barbeque by stone, it will last long and never out of date. So, again you’re free from man the grass and can enjoy barbeque time outdoor.

There are many choices for low maintenance backyard garden ideas landscaping small space outdoor living. The list above doesn’t cut half of it. But one thing for sure, the existence of a backyard garden is for you to enjoy. Not to adding more nuisance into your live by go to extend for bragging.