+30 Secrets To Storage ideas for small spaces bedroom diy shelves

Having a small room sometimes makes it difficult for the owner to put things. Clothes, shoes, books and other items are often scattered. It makes the room uncomfortable. Here are a few steps to solve the small spaces bedroom DIY Shelves problem. This DIY is to make an extra and bigger cupboard. The material needed is very easy. They are wood boards, nails, paint, elbow-shaped shelves supports, and drills or hammers.

  1. Measure the Length of the Room

The first step to get around Small Spaces Bedroom DIY Shelves for Bigger Cupboard is measuring the room. Measure the wall which is directly in contact with the closet. So, this extra cupboard will be placed right above the existing cupboard.

  1. Prepare Wood

Any wood can be used to make extra cupboards. But make sure the selected wood type is strong enough to hold the clothes and accessories. There will be three different sizes to make this extra closet, namely A and B boards. And also a blades to hang clothes if needed.

  1. Cut the Board

As mention before, it needs three sizes for wood boards. First, the wood board “A” that has the same length as the length of the room. Then, wood width can be compared with the width of the closet. Because it has to look proportional to the closet. Make two sheets of size A wood board.

Then, the second board (board B) is the same width as the width of the closet. Then have the height according to the distance from the cabinet to the roof of the room, minus the thickness of the wood. For example, if the thickness of wood is 3 cm and the distance between the cupboard to the roof is 50 cm. So, cut the B board with a height of approximately 44 cm.

This wood will be used to limit one part of the cupboard to another part. If the extra cupboard will be used for 3 parts, then make 3 pieces of B board. If you want to add a cupboard to hang clothes, you can use a pipe or make a piece of wood that has a length of its part. Diameter 3 to 4 cm is enough to make clothes hangers.

  1. Arrange Extra Cupboard

This extra cupboard is actually just shelves that stick to the wall and look like an extension of the closet. Then attach the A board exactly above the closet. Mount to the wall with nails and elbow-shaped shelf support.

Mounted another A board at the top attached to the roof. Use the elbow-shaped support and the nail just like when installing the first board. Then attach board B to separate extra cupboard parts from one another.

For example, an extra cupboard will be used 2 parts for folded clothes. While 1 part for hanging clothes. So, calculate the length of the cabinet divided by 3 or as needed. Pair board B vertically using shelf support and nail or screw.

  1. Finishing

To beautify the extra cupboard, give attractive colored paint or the same color as the room. Cover the wood with base paint first so that the wood color is more durable and even. Add an anti-termite layer to avoid the interference of these animals.

Even you have a small spaces bedroom DIY Shelves can make that room feel bigger. This DIY also can be done quickly. The bigger cupboard will make the rooms more neat and organized. Compared to buying additional cabinets that might stifle the room, making the shelves for extra cupboard may be a better solution.